émon was created in 2017 by two friends, Paul a New York based fashion designer, and Nicolas a London based human rights lawyer. Our editorial eyewear is hand crafted in Italy using only the best materials available - Italian acetate and German Carl Zeiss lenses. Each style is produced in very limited quantities. We never produce more than 50 of any individual style. émon was created as an artistic pursuit, to fulfil our love of oversized sunglasses.  All profits generated through sales are reinvested into design and development or diverted to the émon public art foundation, which was established to promote equality through public art. As with fashion, public art is interventionist, highly accessible, and its value is intertwined with its temporary nature. The foundation supports art that draws attention to inequality and challenges us to see the world from new perspectives. The foundation works with both established and emerging artists. Applications for funding in the 2018 grant round should be received by no later than 31 August 2018 and the award will be announced by 30 September 2018. Applications should be emailed to nicolas@emoneyewear.com and should outline the proposal and provide an estimate of the likely costs. The application should also detail any permissions required or obtained, and should include a completion date for the work.